Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 44 Review

Oh dear: a clip show. If the writers don’t have enough story or budget to fill almost 50 episodes, why do they keep making almost 50 episodes? Maybe Super Sentai would benefit from moving towards tighter story arcs with less overall episodes, nearer 40 or 35. Zyuohger, like so many other Sentai shows, is spread far too thinly, which would be alright if the default state of the show when nothing is happening was at all interesting. Unfortunately the default state of this show is gimmicky monster of the week filler which started off in the first half of the series actually trying to have some emotional development for the character but lately has just been…well, filler.

Still, this clip show at least felt fairly organic in the way it came about. Explaining the plot of Zyuohger so far to Mario is more of a worthwhile premise than having characters just randomly remembering old times which is what usually happens in these sorts of things. Also, as much as this was a clip show, we did actually get some plot progression. Mario is now up to date on everything that’s been happening while he wasn’t looking and we’ve got some momentum building in Bard’s side quest. If we had to have a clip show in this series, I’m glad it was done this way.

So it turns out there is something weird about Azald after all; so weird in fact that I finally care enough to remember what his name is. I’m guessing the purpose for which he was originally created hasn’t been fulfilled yet. Otherwise, it seems like he only exists so he could be used in the creation of Zyuoh TheWorld and if that’s true I’d have thought Ginis would care a little more about getting Misao back instead of just sitting on his throne looking bored. The other option is that his entire purpose is to entertain Ginis in the blood game, which I suppose could work in a Westworld-y, being built for the amusement of others, sort of way (starring Anthony Hopkins as Master Ginis). Regardless, I’m glad we’re at least seeing something new out of the villains. Naria on the other hand still has absolutely no importance or character whatsoever, 44 episodes in to the series. In fact I’m surprised the Zyuohgers even listed her as a villain on their to-defeat list. She contributes nothing to the show except making the monsters grow after every fight, something that the writers could just make happen automatically every time a Dethgalien dies. If Naria just didn’t show up in the rest of the series, nothing of value would be lost. I probably wouldn’t even notice.

Bard also got a little bit of focus in between all the main clip show segments. Turns out there might actually be a reason for why his changer is slightly different from the others (besides the ability to sell new toys) and it has to do with Bard sharing his zyuman power with Yamato prior to becoming a ranger. Even though we didn’t learn anything concrete about Bard or his story beyond vague hints, these short segments did a good job of making this clip show a little more substantial than a clip show. I like that Larri is slowly becoming more like Bard’s sidekick, giving him someone to play off of and expanding his side story.

Ultimately this episode was pretty skippable but I suppose it’s for people who haven’t been watching every episode so they’re up to date in time for the endgame to start, which kinda makes me wonder why they’d be emotionally invested enough to watch the endgame at all to be honest. Still, it should be all plot from now on.

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