DC Universe Streaming Service Coming Soon

After the initial announcement last year, details have been scarce for the upcoming DC Entertainment streaming service. Today DC finally revealed the first details about the service

The streaming service will be known as DC Universe, and will allow subscribers to have unlimited access to several exclusive content. Some highlights include the long awaited Young Justice: Outsiders animated series, the live-action DC’s Titans series, and DC’s Harley Quinn animated series.

DC Universe is also working on a television series called Swamp Thing that will also premiere on this platform. We also have the logo for the upcoming series. Working on the series will be Mark Verheiden and Gary Dabuerman writing. With James Wan executive producing

DC Universe Streaming Service Swamp Thing DC Universe Streaming Service Coming Soon


Currently no other details are confirmed at this time, however it is expected that more exclusive content will be available for subscribers to the service outside of the ones promoted.

For more details check out the official link below or to sign up for the official newsletter. Expect more details to be available in the near future.


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