DC Universe Doom Patrol Character Trailers Streamed

Warner Bros. recently released new character trailers for the Doom Patrol for the upcoming DC Universe exclusive series. For those who are not aware, the team first debuted in episode 4 of Titans. The latest trailers features a look at Elasti-Woman (Aprill Bowlby), Robotman (Brendan Fraser), and Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero).  

Doom Patrol will be streamed exclusively on DC Universe starting on February 15.

I personally thought the team’s first appearance in Titans was pretty good and it did well to set up the characters. While they didn’t do a whole lot in the grand scheme of things within Titans it will be interesting to see what they will do within their own show. I actually thought the team was actually better than the Titans team since they definitely had a stronger group dynamic.

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