Comics Review: Teen Titans Rebirth #1

Written By: XBen3000

Summary: Teen Titans GO! More like Teen Titans kidnapped in this opening issue of Teen Titans Rebirth. Let’s get to the bottom of why this is happening. Spoilers abound. 

Writer: Ben Percy
Artist:Jonboy Meyers
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Letter:Corey Breen
Cover: Jonboy Meyers
Variant Cover: Evan “Doc” Shaner
Assistant Editor: Brittany Holzheer
Editor: Alex Antone
Group Editor: Marie Javins

I honestly don’t know where to begin with this review. I was excited when this book was first announced given the creative team of but when I learned that Jim Charalampidis was doing the coloring, I was all in. I remember his work from Generation Hope and man he still has it. Throughout this entire issue the colors they work so well no matter the scene. Each character’s colors “POP” in this issue. Add in Jonboy Meyers art work and this book is already amazing in my book. So it was going to come down to how well the story was written and the story is good guys.

Ben Percy is currently writing Green Arrow which I’ve praised a while back but this book shows he gets to show his range. Everyone has their own problems they’re currently facing as this team is forced together by one Damian Wayne. I would have honestly guessed he would be the last person to bring together a team of some sorts. So I’m looking forward to learning what Damian’s angle is when it comes to this series.

Another thing Percy does is set up individual arcs for each character outside of Damian. We learn about Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and Wally in their short scenes. Each scene hints at what they want to do or is going through at the time. It helps newer readers empathize with our heroes. I know I wasn’t expecting Beast Boy to try to be an actor once more. It’s something I remember Geoff Johns was doing in his Teen Titans run and to see it brought back was great.

With Starfire, it’s great to see her out on her own. I didn’t get the chance to read her last solo series but I’ve heard good things about it. If you’ve seen other incarnations of Starfire, you’ll enjoy this one. Sure she’s still adapting to being on Earth but her heart is in the right place.

With Raven, I’m very much reminded of the Teen Titans tv show incarnation of her. Before joining the team if I’m talking timeline from the show. Raven very much wants to be left alone as she has her own demons to face. There’s a certain scene with Raven that’s beautiful. Reyers pencils and Charalampidis coloring really made it the stand out scene of this issue in my books.

Finally Wally, he’s trying to figure himself out which is a good start of his character arc. Out of the entire roster so far, I feel like his arc will be the most important. Wally learning how to use the powers he has to the best of his abilities. So Percy has a lot arcs to play with as the book continues.

Corey Breen does his thing when it comes to lettering and paneling this issue. Please, keep him on this book as his style works so well.

One last thought, whoever chose the casual/civilian clothes for the Teen Titans, please stay on this book. The style choices were amazing and I would love nothing more than to see more superheroes in casual wear.

Final Thoughts, please pick up this first issue. It’s great start for new readers and I promise you won’t be loss while reading this. Percy, Meyers, Charalampidis, Breen, Holzheer, Antone, and Javins. You got yourselves a hit, so please sell this book to new readers and I promise you it will be a best seller.

Rating: 5 Teen Titans out of 5

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