Bumblebee Spin-off Film To Be A Prequel Story

MTV recently had a short interview with director Michael Bay about the upcoming Bumblebee spin-off film.  During the interview he stated some interesting facts about the upcoming project. One major reveal was that the film was confirmed to be a prequel.

Here is a short segment of the interview.

Michael Bay: “It’ll go a little younger, and it will deal more with his character and it’s just about him.”

MTV: “And where in the time line is it like back or forth?”

Michael Bay: “Back, back”

The film will be directed by Travis Knight and the script will be written by Christina Hodson. Not much else was confirmed about the project so stay tuned for updates.  The Bumblebee spin-off film will premiere on June 8, 2018.  Those who are interested can check out the full interview on MTV’s Facebook page.


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