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C2e2 News: Angela Is Now Related To Thor And Loki

C2e2 News: Angela Is Now Related To Thor And Loki

by Brian BenjaminApril 26, 2014

[font=’times new roman’][size=5]With C2E2 going on as of right now, we have some Marvel news coming from that convention. Earlier this week Marvel released this teaser.[/size][/font]


Now, Original Sin is the upcoming Marvel event where The Watcher dies. Now, besides that being the pull for this event, Marvel is also releasing an anthology book which focuses on several characters across the Marvel U and how they’re affected by the main event book. Nick Lowe explained that the tie-ins for the series will work differently because as sins of the heroes are revealed in the main book, the full story of those secrets will be unpacked in the heroes’ monthly series.

Today, we finally got some information about a few tie-in issues. This news post will be about the Thor and Loki one I’ve posted above. Check out the reveal image down below.


T[size=5][font=’times new roman’]hat’s right! Angela will be revealed to the be the long lost sister of Thor and Loki in this event. We’ve learned through the Original Sin panel that she came from the Tenth Realm. Also, the revelation around that will be in Original Sin. The story will be written by Jason Aaron and Al Ewing, while drawn by Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett.[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=’times new roman’]Nation, let me know what you think of this news. Either down below in the comments or on twitter by mentioning @Herotaku. I’m pretty excited about this event. It sounds like even more forethought was put into Original Sin. That’s my quick two cents about it. Now, I’m off to the next news story.[/font][/size]

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