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Kyoryuger Press Conference Megapost!

Kyoryuger Press Conference Megapost!

by HerotakuJanuary 26, 2013

Yesterday, the Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger press conference took place in Japan, and so… it’s time for our second Kyoryuger MEGAPOST! A collection of most of the information that came out of the press conference and what I can only assume is some sort of associated booklet, anything to do with the conference will be updated on this page.

I’ll split the information into a few different categories. Be warned, there will be loads of images. Also, these are my own preliminary transliterations, so they’re likely to be different from others’.

It appears that the recent rumours concerning the Kyoyrugers villains were entirely correct.

The villainous group in this series will be called the Davos Army, who destroyed the dinosaurs in the distant past. Now they are back, and plotting to destroy the world once more! Their leader is named HyakuMenShinKan Chaos (or the Hundred Faced God Demon Chaos) who as their leader formulates their plans. The other four generals are: Aigaron, the Knight of Sadness (who cries while fighting); Kyandelila, the Knight of Happiness (who steals human’s happiness); Luckyuro, the Spy of Fun (who works for Kyandelila and creates the Giant Monsters); and Dogorudo, the Knight of Anger (who’s constantly angry and wants to destroy everything).
The Monsters-of-the-Week are imaginatively named: DavoMonsters; and the Grunts are called Zori Demons, and come in a Giant form too.

Now, we’ve seen the villains we need to see the Heroes’…mentor. This is Wise God Torin, who’s been tracking the movements of the Davos Army for years and gathered 5 heroes to fight them. Their base is the Spirit Base, located at the centre of the earth and accessible through the Kyoryugers’ logo, but only by ‘brave’ people.

Here’s a thing called a Charge Box (it looks like a set of drawers) with which the Kyoryugers can charge their JyuDenChi. JyuDenChi contain the power of bravery and Torin knows of 23 varieties of JyuDenChi, but ponders the possibility of more. There will obviously be more than 23. The romanisations on the picture of the JyuDenChi are fan done, and so differ from the Toei ones in someplace, but I couldn’t find a vanilla version of this picture…

Now for some additional details on the Heroes themselves.

Daigo Kiryu/Kyoryu Red is an extremely brave person who’s travelled all across the world, and is known as ‘King’ by his friends. He wears an amber pendant which he received from his father as a child. He is the element which draws the whole team together.

Here’s Daigo in the Spirit Base holding what appears to be a stone GabuRevolver.

Nobuharu Ubo/KyoryuBlue has a younger sister (named Rika Fukui) and a niece from which he keeps his identity as a Kyoryuger a secret. He enjoys making ‘Oyaji Gags’, which seem to be a type of Japanese joke which involves lots of puns etc. In his transformed state he’s a strong and dynamic fighter.

Ian Yorkland is KyoryuBlack who is considered a playboy but this persona hides the hurt he feels from the death of his friend. He uses a variety of gun techniques in battle and is said to be very skilled.

Amy Yuzuke/KyoryuPink is a American (but with Japanese heritage obvs) student studying in America. Her parents are millionaires, and due to her nationality she wears ‘Western’ clothes and occasionally lapses into English when speaking Japanese. She’s a skilled acrobat which uses kicks in battle. Amy herself is the ‘bright and energetic ‘mood-maker” of the team.

Souji Rippukan is Kyoryu Green. He’s a brave warrior who uses his sword and keeps his cool even in the most stressful of situations.

Other Cast

KyoryuRed’s father and the pendant which he passes onto his son.

It appears that the guys at Toei realised that you lot enjoyed all the cameos in Gokaiger and Jin in Go-Buster, so we’ve got loads of returning Sentai actors in Kyoryuger; as well as some relatively new faces (some were mentioned above, but who cares?).

  • Junichi Haruta (DynaBlack, GoggleBlack) will play Green’s father.
  • Kenji Ebisawa (Go-On Black) will play Ian Yorkland’s dead friend.
  • Ayumi Kinoshita (DekaYellow) will play Rika Fukui, Blue’s sister.
  • Nao Nagasawa will appear in an as of yet unknown role.
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa will voice Torin.
  • Kentaro Shimizu will play Gentle, Pink’s Butler.
  • Shinji Yamashita will play KyoryuRed’s father.

KyoryuGreen and his father, played by Junichi Haruta.

As can be seen in the photo above his sister will be played by Ayumi Kinoshita (known for her roles as DekaYellow).

You may have noticed that his friend is played by none other than Kenji Ebisawa (AKA Go-on Black).

We also got our first ear-glimpse at ‘Vamola! Kyoryuger’ and ‘Minna Atsumare! Kyoryuger’, the opening and ending themes for the show. Take a listen, they’re ear-licking good.
The meat of the images are of the large selection of Kyoryuger toys which’ll soon be available, expect descriptions to be pretty sparse. Consider this like a toy catalogue, but in 3D! Not that it’ll make any difference to you since you’re looking at 2D images. This section will be interspersed with the relevant scans from the booklet-thing.

The JuuDenRyu which form KyoryuJin: GabuTyra, Stegochi, and Dricera.


Dricera (can I just buy this one. I mean, I like the others but this is a PINK TRICERATOPS!)

KyoryuJin in all his majesty!

Showing how GabuTyra’s weird shoulder-mouth can hold batteries.

KyoryuJin’s sexy, sexy head.

See how the JyuDenChi are used by throwing them into the JyuDenRyu’s mouths, unleashing their true power! GabuTyra is also an extremely powerful JuuDenRyu, who nobody other than Daigo has defeated in battle, and battles using his massive jaws and tail.

Here are the 4 other primary JyuDenRyu. According to Torin the JyuDenRyu choose the heroes depending on their courage. Zactor uses his sharp claws to cut enemies. Parasagun can shoot energy bullets from his tail (which is not, as I erroneously reported, a pair of scissors. Apologies…). Dricera has a drill tail and 3 horns. Stegochi has an extremely hard body and can also cut enemies with the fins on his back.

We end this bit with a picture of the cockpit, which as you can see will be piloted through actions while standing, presumably some sort of dancing. This image also shows the official romanisation to be ‘KyoryuZin’, which I think is legitimately wrong and plain confusing, so shan’t be using. Deal with it!
We end with a demo of the sound gimmick in KyoryuJin.

The GaburiCalibur and the Aromeras Battery.

The GaburiCalibur in action and its “Bamora!” finisher!

The GabuRevolver, their ‘henshin’ device, which unleashes the super power of the JyuDenChi.
A toy demo of the GabuRevolver filmed at the Premier Event.

When two JyuDenChi are inserted the “Bamoramucho!” finisher is triggered.

The combined form of the GabuRevolver and the GaburiCalibur, the GaburiCannon!

Is it a phone?! Is it a Belt Buckle?! It’s both! The Mobuckle!

While transformed the Mobuckle is used to store JyuDenChi, each Kyoryuger carries 4 of their own battery it seems.

Boxes of all the toys you

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