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25 May 2013


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Super Megaforce Cameo Pics!

Super Megaforce Cameo Pics!
Following the previous revelation of ten returning Power Rangers cast members by one of Fury Diamond's sources, said guest stars recently arrived in New Zealand to film their scenes for Super Megaforce. While we've mostly just gotten a score of pics of the cast members setting off on their plane, Jason David Frank's Facebook fan page has uploaded a couple of very interesting on-set photos. You can check out both of them below:

Attached Image: 261733_10151476347481687_965112498_n.jpg

First up is this shot of most of the returning Rangers suited up and ready for action alongside various PR stunties in other suits. This confirms that not only will Tommy be rocking the MMPR Green suit and T.J. be sporting his In Space Blue attire rather than the expected Turbo Red, but Patricia Ja Lee will also be reprising her role as Cassie and joining the previously revealed ten (As well as Jason Smith and Alex Heartman) as In Space Pink.

Attached Image: 968927_10151476365296687_204531752_n.jpg

Finally, we have a pic of Tommy transferring the dragon shield to Mike. Now, there's no confirmation on whether this will actually be done on the show or whether it's just on-set goofing, but it is interesting, nonetheless.

What do you think of these pics? Do they make you slightly more excited for Super Megaforce or are you still disappointed in the selection? Let us know by shooting us some feedback below and stay tuned to Herotaku for the latest Power Rangers news!

Source: Jason David Frank's Facebook Fan Page

2 Comments displayed.

I just want to know:


A) why the fuck are they using the stupid Disney redesigned dragon helmet.

B) How the FUCK Tommy got the Green Ranger Powers back

C) If it is in the show, why he gave Mike the dragon shield O.o

I don't like Mike, he's a tool, there is no need to give him the shield, it'll just make his ego bigger than his britches.. 

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