Arms Dr. Coyle Reveal Trailer Streamed

Nintendo has updated their official Youtube channel with a new character trailer for Arms.  The latest trailer features a look at the new fighter named Dr. Coyle along with a look at a new stage.   Dr. Coyle and the new stage is apart of the currently live 5.0 update for Arms. 

The full 5.0 update includes:

Version 5.0

  • New fighter “Dr. Coyle” is now available. Play the Grand Prix at LV6 or higher as someone other than Dr. Coyle and see what happens…

  • New ARM “Lokjaw” added.

  • New ARM “Parabola” added.

  • New ARM “Brrchuk” added.

  • New stage [NAME REDACTED] added.

  • For Grand Prix LV6 and lower, the computer will now get stronger as you get deeper into the Grand Prix.

  • For Grand Prix LV7, the computer will start out strong right from the first match, as usual.

  • You can now view stats from previous Party Crash events in “Stats.”

  • Added new badges related to Dr. Coyle.

  • Fixed issue in online play where the healing area created by HP Juice would sometimes shift position.

  • Adjusted abilities of some fighters and ARMS as follows.


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