Anime Expo 2018: Live-Action Gundam Film Announced

ANN has recently reported about their coverage at the Sunrise panel at Anime Expo 2018, which revealed that Yasuo Miyakawa, Sunrise’s president and CEO, has recently announced that a live-action adaptation of the Gundam franchise is in the works. The film will be produced by Sunrise with the help of Legendary Pictures. 

Anime Expo 2018 Live Action Gundam Film Anime Expo 2018: Live Action Gundam Film Announced

According to the teaser trailer that was reveal at the panel it is stated that “co-production has begun” from both sides of the production. At this point in time the trailer has not been officially released outside of the panel, however hopefully a trailer for the film will be shown sometime in the near future.

Seeing as the project seems to still be early in development no other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updates.

Edit: The teaser trailer was posted to the official Youtube channel.

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Hero Club, ANN

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