Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019


Katsuyuki Konishi Joins Fire Force Anime Cast

The official Fire Force anime website has updated with the announcement that Katsuyuki Konishi is joining the cast of the anime series as Takeru Noto. Takeru is third generation pyrokentic and a new member of Company 2. While he is known as the “Juggernaut,” he is actually afraid of fire.  The cast now consists of: Gakuto Kajiwara: Shinra Kusakabe Yusuke Koboyashi: Arthur Boyle M.A.O.: Iris Saeko Kamijō: Maki Oze Kenichi Suzumura: Takehisa Hinawa Kazuya Nakai: Akitaru Ōbi Daisuke Sakaguchi: Victor Licht Aoi Yūki: Kotatsu Tamaki Taiten Kusunoki: Leonard Burns Tomokazu Seki: Rekka Hoshimiya Kazuyuki Okitsu: Karim Fulham Satoshi Hino: Foien Li KatsuyukiRead More

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Feature & Tutorial Videos Streamed

Bandai Namco Entertainment America has updated their official Youtube channel with two new videos for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.  The first video showcases another look at several of the modes and story of the game. The SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION single player campaign features brand new characters & an original story! Play as a boy with big dreams of becoming a SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES champion in Hero Town! The second video is a tutorial video, which is presented by twitch streamer, Ndukauba. You asked for itRead More

Kamen Rider Drive – Kamen Rider Brain Spinoff Announced

Yesterday, Toei revealed that they would be producing a spin-off for Brain as an April Fools prank this year with the release date of “2035.” However, Toei has now confirmed that the spinoff will indeed be released. The two part Kamen Rider Drive miniseries titled, “Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain,” will feature the return of Shota Matsushima who will reprising his role as Brain. Because of this it has also been confirmed that Kamen Rider Brain will be the final new Kamen Rider in the Heisei era. Riku Sanjo will be working on theRead More

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Special Look

Marvel Entertainment recently released a new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. The trailer features a look the Avengers setting out to confront Thanos. Avengers: Endgame will premiere in theaters on April 26. Tickets for the film are now currently available so check your preferred ticket provider to secure your tickets. Personally while the previous trailers were alright I think I like this one the most. The overall atmosphere for this trailer was much deeper than what we usually got and it has definitely helped increased my hype for the film. ItRead More