Monday, August 20th, 2018


New Characters to Join Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist Video Game

The recent issue of the V Jump magazine has revealed some new characters that will be joining the Tokyo Ghoul:re Call to Exist video game. For those who not aware, the game is a “Survival Action” game that features a third-person perspective. Earlier this July it was announced that the game will be released in the West this Winter.  The newly announced characters include: Kōtarō Amon Shō Arima Tōka Kirishima Shū Tsukiyama  The game will feature events from the Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:re manga series. Players will be able to chose between the ghouls or investigatorsRead More

New Characters Revealed For Jump Force Video Game

The recent issue of the V Jump magazine has revealed some new characters that will be joining the roster for the Jump Force video game. For those who are not aware, the game is a 3D fighting game that will feature characters featured throughout the 50 year history of the Shonen Jump magazine. The game was first revealed at E3 2018. Bandai Namco Entertainment provided a description for the game. Universes collide as legendary manga heroes and villains are transported to our reality. Massive battles fill epic locales as good and evil clashes, while humankind hangsRead More

My Hero One’s Justice Character Trailer Streamed

Bandai Namco Entertainment recently updated their official Youtube channel with new trailers for the My Hero One’s Justice video game. The first trailer features a look at all 20 playable base characters, while the second trailer focus on All Might and All For One.  The base playable roster for the game includes: Izuku Midoriya Katsuki Bakugō All Might Tomura Shigaraki Ochaco Uraraka Tenya Iida Shōto Todoroki Momo Yaoyorozu Denki Kaminari Tsuyu Asui Stain Shōta Aizawa Fumikage Tokoyami Kyōka Jirō Eijirō Kirishima Himiko Toga Dabi Gran Torino Muscular All For One Those who pre-order the game willRead More

Grandia & Grandia II HD Nintendo Switch Release Announced

IGN has reported that game publisher, GungHo, has announced that Grandia and Grandia II will be receiving HD remastered versions for the Nintendo Switch. Long time RPG fans should recognize both titles, however for those who are not aware, both Grandia games were beloved RPG classics. The first game was first released in Japan for the Sega Saturn in 1997 and for the original Playstation in 1999.  The game was released in North America by Sony Computer Entertainment later that same year and was published by Ubi Soft in Europe in 2000. The sequel was released in JapanRead More