Tuesday, June 26th, 2018


Power Rangers Ninja Steel Complete Season DVD Set Announced

Comicbook.com has recently announced that Lionsgate will be releasing Power Rangers Ninja Steel Complete Season DVD boxset. For those who aren’t aware the season premiered in 2017 following up Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. The second season for the series, Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel is currently airing on Nickelodeon. The season will be released in a three disc DVD set and the cover will feature illustrations by George Caltsoudas. The set will also include a printed excerpt from the 25th Anniversary Artist Tribute book released by BOOM! Studios. Power Rangers Ninja Steel Complete Season will be released on DVD and DigitalRead More

Wave Six Power Morphicon 2018 Guests Announced

The official Power Morphicon website has updated with the reveal of the next wave of guests that will be attending Power Morphicon 2018.  The new announced guests include: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers David Fielding: Zordon Jason Narvy:  Eugene ‘Skull’ Skullovitch Neo Edmund: Putty Suit Actor Ronnie Sperling: Writer Power Rangers Turbo Denny Logan: Elgar Suit Actor Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Sean Cw Johnson: Carter (Lightspeed Rescue Red) Keith Robinson: Joel (Lightspeed Rescue Green) Sasha Craig: Kelsey (Lightspeed Rescue Yellow) Ron Rogge: Captain Mitchell Power Rangers Time Force Eddie Frierson: Frax Power RangersRead More

SDCC 2018: Star Wars: The Clone Wars 10th Anniversary Panel Announced

The official Star Wars website has updated with the announcement that there will be a special 10th anniversary panel for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The panel will be presented by Dave Filoni and other unrevealed guests on Thursday, July 19, at 11:45 A.M. – 12:45 P.M in room 6BCF. For those who who are unaware, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was first CG animated series based on the Star Wars franchise, which started in 2008 and ended in 2014.  The series aired on Cartoon Network with the final season premiering on Netflix. The series lasted six seasons and ran for 121 episodes. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was theRead More

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Intro Sequence Streamed

The official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles twitter page has updated with the first reveal of the intro sequence to Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For those who are unaware, Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is the upcoming animated series based on the brand. The intro sequence features a pretty kicking theme song and showcases the turtles in action. Get shell-shocked! OFFICIAL Rise of the #TMNT show open & theme song is here! pic.twitter.com/KII4lkk8pT — TMNT (@TMNT) June 26, 2018 Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is set to premiere on Nickelodeon thisRead More

Lupinranger VS Patoranger – Episode 20 Review

The star of this episode is clearly Noel and his two ranger forms. Lupinranger VS Patoranger has done incredibly well so far with its unique two-team premise, and the introduction of a new character who’s part of both teams takes it to a new level. We first see him as Lupin X, which is probably my favourite form of the two. I’ve always preferred the Lupinrangers to the Patorangers, although I like the designs and personalities of both. Part of why I like his Lupinranger form so much is theRead More