Monday, May 21st, 2018


Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Dan Kuroto Shin

Premium Bandai has recently updated with an official pre-order page for S.H.Figuarts Dan Kuroto Shin. The figure, while similar to S.H.Figuarts Shin Dan Kuroto, will include different accessories. For those who are unaware, Dan Kuroto renamed himself Dan Kuroto Shin after he was revived through the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat. With the prototype, Dan Kuroto received the ability to revive himself through ‘continues’ like an actual video game character. However, he only possesses 99 continues… The figure will include: Alternate face partsX2 (exclusive to this version) Exchangeable wrists (LeftX4, RightX5) “God’s Resurrection Panel” Gashat X2 Pre-orders for theRead More

Official Images: S.H.Figuarts Shin Dan Kuroto

Premium Bandai has recently updated with an official pre-order page for S.H.Figuarts Shin Dan Kuroto. For those who are unaware, the figure is based on Dan Kuroto (or Kuroto Dan), who was the CEO of Genm Corp and Kamen Rider Genm. He is one of the masterminds behind the Bugster Virus, and creating the Kamen Rider/ Gashat System. The character himself is portrayed by actor Tetsuya Iwanaga. However, the figure does not completely match his likeness, but it is close enough to his ‘godliness.” The figure will include: Alternate face parts X2 (Exclusive toRead More

Jake Gyllenhaal in Talks to Portray Mysterio For Spider-Man Homecoming Sequel

Variety has reported that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks of joining the cast of the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel as Mysterio.  Tom Holland will be returning as Spider-Man and Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as the Vulture.  Other returning actresses include Zendaya and Marisa Tomei, who will return to reprise their roles. The production team consists of: Jon Watts: Director Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley: Script writers Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal: Producers Currently not much else is known about the sequel since as the film is still in development so stay tuned for updates.

SDCC 2018 Tamashii Nations Exclusives Revealed

Tamashii Nations has recently unveiled their full line up of their exclusive products at San Diego Comic Con 2018. The line-up will feature products throughout the various Tamashii brand toy-lines including the products released exclusively for the Dragon Ball North American Tour 2018.  Their full exclusive line-up includes: Pacific Rim Uprising Robot Damashii Gypsy Avenger and Obsidian Fury (Premium Color) Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball Super (Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018) S.H.Figuarts SS Vegito (Event Exclusive Color Edition) S.H.Figuarts Broly (Event Exclusive Color Edition) S.H.Figuarts Perfect Cell (Event Exclusive Color Edition) S.H.Figuarts Energy Aura (Event Exclusive Color Edition)Read More