2018 Paris Comic-Con: Transformers Studio Series Reveals

Hasbro recently revealed official images for the Transformers Studio Series reveals that were shown at 2018 Paris Comic-Con. The new reveals are set to release in Spring 2019. 

The figures include:

Voyager Class

  • SS-32 Optimus Prime (Transformers 2007) – Retool of SS-05 Optimus Prime
  • SS-??  Bonecrusher (Transformers 2007)

Leader Class

Paris Comic Con 2018 Transformers Studio Series Jetfire 2018 Paris Comic Con: Transformers Studio Series Reveals


  • SS-?? Jetfire (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen)

While it is not shown in the photos, Hasbro revealed that Jetfire will be able to combine with Optimus Prime during their panel at the convention.

That’s it for the Transformers Studio Series reveals for 2018 Paris Con, however stay tuned for the upcoming reveals at MCM 2018. 

Source :

Hero Club, Hasbro

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