2018 MCM London Comic Con: Transformers Studio Series Reveals

Hasbro has recently revealed official images for the Transformers Studio Series reveals that were shown at 2018 MCM London Comic Con.

The new reveals include:

Deluxe Class – Spring 2019

  • Shatter (Bumblebee)
  • Cogman (Transformers The Last Knight)
  • Scrapmetal (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen)

Voyager Class – Fall 2019

  • Rampage (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen)
  • Long Haul (Transformers Revenge of the Fallen)

Hasbro also revealed during their panel at the convention that the constructions will be able to combine and the full form of Devastator is reported to be consisted of eight parts. Currently it is unknown how the other components look like, however it is still quite interesting to see Hasbro create a fully transformable and combinable Devastator.

That’s it for the Transformers Studio Series reveals at 2018 MCM London Comic Con. For those who haven’t seen the previous reveals at 2018 Paris Con can check out the previous article here.

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