Thursday, January 5th, 2017


Official Images: Digimon 20th Anniversary V-Pets

Premium Bandai has opened their official preorder page for the Digimon 20th Anniversary V-Pets.  The V-Pets will be available in two assorted colors, Original Brown and Original Gray (Each sold separately).   Unlike the older releases in 1997 these new versions will include several new features while maintaining its original functions. The features include: Ability to go to Mega Train two Digimon at once instead of just one Real time events Ver. 1-5 built in (Original releases only had one built in version for each device released over time)  Double Battles NewRead More

Power Rangers Ninja Steel Episode 1: Return of the Prism Promo Streamed

Earlier today the Neo Saban Power Rangers Youtube channel updated with the first trailer for the first episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.  The first episode titled “, Return of the Prism,” features Brody and RedBot on Galvanax’s ship.  The trailer also reveals that Kelson Henderson will be playing a role in the new series.  He is known for playing roles in previous seasons such as Phineas (Power Rangers Mystic Force) and Boom (S.P.D.),  just to name a few. Power Rangers Ninja Steel will premiere on Nickelodeon on  January 21st.