Tuesday, December 6th, 2016


Cyborg 009: Call of Justice Promo Streamed – Battle With the Emperor

The official Toho Animation Youtube channel has recently updated with a new trailer for Cyborg 009: Call of Justice films.   The latest trailer features the team fighting against the Emperor. The trailer also features the main theme song for the film titled “, A.I. am Human,”  performed by Monkey Majik.  

Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale Film US Premiere Date Announced

Aniplex of America has recently announced the premiere date for the US theatrical release of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. The film will premiere in theaters as a special one day event on March 9, 2017 distributed by Eleven Arts.   The screenings for the film will be presented with it’s original Japanese audio and will feature English Subtitles. More information about theater locations and times will be revealed on a later date. The film will first be presented at a special premiere event on Marc 1 in Hollywood, California. The cast includes: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka – KiritoRead More

Kamen Rider EX-Aid Lvl 99 & More Revealed

Recently a new scan for Kamen Rider EX-Aid has surfaced online, which reveals a new form for Kamen Rider EX-Aid.  With the power of the Maximum Mighty X Gashat,  Kamen Rider EX-Aid will be able henshin into his most powerful form so far called Lvl 99 Maximum Gamer. The suit looks to be a larger scale version of his Lvl 1 mode and will also need the power of a currently unknown secondary Gashat. The scan also revealed that Kamen Rider Brave and Kamen Rider Snipe will also be getting stronger forms.  By using the Gashat Gear Dual Beta, they will beRead More

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 38 Review

Well it only took 38 episodes but we’re finally getting into the history of Zyuland’s connection with Earth and what Bard’s motivations are. This show really should have had a much deeper storyline, particularly one that actually gave the main villains something to do, so the whole thing didn’t feel so thinly spread. We’ve had so many pointless gimmick episodes with no plot progression and then all the plot progression happens at once. Still, what we finally got was wonderful. Humans finding their way into Zyuland and then being killedRead More