Tuesday, November 15th, 2016


Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V Now Streaming on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has announced that they are currently streaming the first 15 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V.   The service will continue to add more episodes in sets of 15 each Tuesday until November 29.  More episodes in sets of five will be added to the service starting in December and will be added every Tuesday (sans the first Tuesday) of each month starting at 2 PM PST.   The series is currently available worldwide except for territories in Asia. The schedule will go as follows: Episodes 16-30 : Tuesday (11/22) at 4pm PST Episodes 31-40: Tuesday (11/29) at 4pm PST CrunchyrollRead More

Live-Action Hurricane Polymar Film Announced

It has recently been announced that Hurricane Polymar will be getting a live-action adaptation.  The series is not the only production under Tatasunoko Productions to receive the live-action treatment since both Gatchaman and Cassern  were also adapted into live-action films.   The film will be directed by long time Tokusatsu director, Koichi Sakamoto, and Shinuke Onishi (Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia Cosmos) will be working on the screenplay.  The film will be distributed by Kadokawa.   The film will debut in Japan in May 2017. The currently confirmed cast includes: Junpei Mizobata – Takeshi Yoroi Yuuki Yamada – Jyoichi Kuruma Yurina Yangai – Teru Nanba Read More

Paramount Pictures to Produce New Green Hornet Film

Paramount Pictures has recently announced they are teaming up with Chernin Entertainment to produce a new live-action adaptation of The Green Hornet.  Gavin O’ Conner will be working as the director and Sean O’ Keefe will be working as the script writer. O’Conner had this comment to say about the project. “I’ve been wanting to make this movie — and create this franchise — since I’ve wanted to make movies,” O’Connor said. “As a kid, when most of my friends were into Superman and Batman, there was only one superhero who held my interest — The GreenRead More

Justice League Dark Official Trailer

Today, DC Animation released the official 1st trailer for their upcoming animated feat Justice Leauge Dark. For those that have not followed or heard about this title, when the League face cases that are out of the normal realm (magic) they call in a team of Magic users to handle the problem. Now if you have read the comics like I have, good for you the movie looks to not follow the 1st volumes directly but it still looks to hold true to what the story was all about.