Wednesday, October 5th, 2016


Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 2 Trailer

IGN just released the trailer for the second season of the Netflix Original Series, Voltron: Legendary Defender. The new trailer features wonderful visuals, as well as hints that Shiro may die like his Go-Lion counterpart. However that could all be an obvious swerve to hook in the fans!

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 24: Worst Dub and Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999) Review

30 Days of Godzilla: Day 24: Worst Dub: Tie between Godzilla Raids Again or as the dub calls it, Gigantis, the Fire Monster and All Monsters Attack aka Godzilla’s revenge. Gigantis, messes up a lot of what Godzilla Raids Again is and it feels like a dumb down of what the movie actually is. Same with Godzilla’s Revenge, that dub I think ruined any sort of chance of trying to find any good in the movie. Both ruin any sort of enjoyment you could of had with either film. 30Read More

NYCC 2016: Marvel Legends Reveals

The Preview Night of New York Comic Con 2016 is continuing with the new reveals in the Marvel Legends toyline. The Marvel Legends showcase includes: Death’s Head II Old Man Logan Marvel Now Adam Warlock Shatterastar Shocker Sandman (Build-A-Figure) Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) Spider-UK Green Goblin Symbiote Suit Spider-Man Marvel Now Spider-Man 2099 Jackal Dr. Strange Karl Mordo Nico Iron Fist Brother Voodoo Enchantress Doctor Strange Astral Form Dormammu (Build-A-Figure)  

NYCC 2016: Hasbro Star Wars Rogue One Reveals

Preview Night at New York Comic Con 2016 is continuing with showcase for Hasbro’s Star Wars Rogue One toyline. The products that were shown on the toy floor include: 3.75 Inch Chirrut Îmwe Sabine Grand Admiral Thrawn Director Orson Krennic Kanan (Stormtrooper) Princess Leia (Rebels) Captain Cassian Andor Rey Jyn Erso Rebels Darth Maul and Seventh sister Inquisitor 2-Pack Rebel Commando Pao and Imperial Death Trooper Imperial Ground Crew First Order Snowtrooper and Poe Dameron Kylo Ren Stormtroopers (Rebels) New Stormtroopers (Rogue One) Snowtrooper U-Wing Vehicle TIE Striker Vehicle 6 Inch Black Series Captain CassianRead More

NYCC 2016: Transformers Titan Returns Reveals

Preview night has just started at New York Comic Con 2016 and already many new Transformers reveals have been shown at the show room.  Today many of the previous rumored Transformers that were listed to be released in the Titan Returns line have finally been revealed. The new reveals include: Titanmasters Repugnus Shuffler Autobot Ptero  Legends Kickback  Brawn Deluxe Perceptor   Rodimus/Hot Rod   Breakaway   Doublecross   Triggerhappy  Voyager G2 Style Optimus Prime Broadside  Leader Six Shot Sky Shadow Source: TFW2005

NYCC 2016: Legacy Black & Gold Titanus Coming Soon!

My friend and associate, DekaBlue25 shared to me personally as well as shortly shared to the rest of the fandom a photo from the Bandai booth at NYCC. It is none other than a Black and Gold Legacy Ultrazord, meaning a Titanus reissue will be coming soon. Legacy black and gold ultrazord at nycc @razzle1337 @RangerBoard @RangerCrew @MorphinLegacy — dekablue25 (@dekablue25) October 5, 2016 He also sent me some exclusives pictures for the display for the Legacy 6.5″ Figures, and the Legacy Power Sword alongside the Communicator. We’ll haveRead More

Funimation Licenses One Piece Film Gold – North American Theatrical Release Announced

Funimation has recently announced via their Funimation Films website that they have licensed the One Piece Film Gold movie.   The film will premiere in select theaters on January 10-17 in North America.   The film will be presented with an English Dub.  Funimation provided a short synopsis for the film. The Straw Hat pirates are hitting the big screen once again in an all-new high-flying adventure! The popular series that has captivated fans all over the world unfolds a new saga in the highly anticipated movie, One Piece Film: Gold. The glittering Gran Tesoro, a city of entertainment beyond the lawsRead More

Youkai Watch Movie 3 – Kento Yamazaki, Takumi Saitou Costumes Revealed

Recently the costumes for King Enma (Kento Yamazaki)and Nurarihyon (Takumi Saitou) that will be seen for the live action segments of the third Youkai Watch movie were revealed.   For those who don’t know the third movie titled “,Yo-kai Watch The Movie: The Flying Whale and the Grand Adventure of the Double Worlds, Meow!,” will feature animated and live action segments. The full live action cast will consist of: Ryōka Minamide – Kenta Amano Kento Yamazaki – King Enma Emi Takei  Takumi Saitou – Nurarihyon Minami Hamabe  Yuina Kuroshima   Yū Sawabe  Kenichi Endo   Those who preorderRead More