September, 2016


Funimation Announces Aquarion Logos Dub Cast

Funimation Entertainment has recently announced the Dub cast for Aquarion Logos. The series will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on November 22. Todd Haberkorn – Akira Kaibuki Luci Christian – Maia Tsukigane Alexis Tipton – Kokone Kikogami Eric Vale – Hayato Kujo Josh Grelle – Tsutomu Domon Jason Liebrecht – Subete Kanzaki Caitlin Glass – Sakurako Soda Tia Ballard – Shoko Iwagami Jeremy Inman – Kento Yoshida Justin Cook – Suzuki Kara Edwards – Okazaki Ian Sinclair – Tanaka Sarah Wiedenheft – Oura Barry Yandell – Ito Brandon Potter – Shinji Hatano R BruceRead More

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 9: Most Annoying Character Human/Kaiju/Alien and Destroy All Monsters (1968) Review

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 9: Most Annoying Character Human/Kaiju/Alien: I know this might sound weird to say but I don’t really have any character I find annoying. I mean there have been some that I didn’t really care for, but I just ignore them for the most part. If I had to say any there’s the Emmerich film’s characters, also a lot of the human characters from GMK (Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack) who either were overacting too much, way unbelievably cruel, or preachy asRead More

Star Trek Beyond Home Release Details Revealed

IGN has recently reported about the home release details for Star Trek Beyond.  The film will be released on DVD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray and in Bly-ray 3D Combo Packs on November 1, 2016.  The film will also release on Digital HD on October 4.    The bonus features that will be included in the 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray 3D, and Blu-ray Combo packs are: Featurettes from film team and cast Gag Reel Delete Scenes Tributes to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin Delby Atmos Soundtrack  The film will also be released in a Star Trek Trilogy Blu-ray Collection, which will include Star TrekRead More

Pokémon Sun & Moon New Trailer Streamed – Version Exclusive Pokémon Announced

The official Pokémon Youtube channel has recently updated with a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.  The latest trailer reveals the first couple of version exclusive Pokémon that will be featured in the games.  The trailer also confirms that Lycanroc will indeed have version exclusive forms rather then specifically evolving at a certain time of day.  The trailer also showcases some of the outfits that will be featured in the game and revealed a new game feature called Pokémon Refresh.  Lastly the trailer revealed two new Z-Moves for Pikachu and Eevee.  Pikachu’s Z-move will be called Catastropika and Eevee’s will be called Extreme Evoboost.  The newest revealsRead More

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 8: Favorite Fight (Heisei) and Son of Godzilla (1967) Review

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 8: Favorite Fight (Heisei): Man this is actually a tough one, cause I think the Heisei era has just as many awesome fights as the Showa era. Ones that stood out to me the most were, Godzilla vs. Super X from Return of Godzilla, it’s so well done for a Kaijuu vs. Military Vehicle and creative, Godzilla vs. Biollante (both fights) like the fight with Super X, both fights are well crafted and creative in their execution (So many people needed to make itRead More

CW Supergirl – “Sky Trailer” Streamed

Recently the official CW Youtube channel has updated with a new trailer for Supergirl titled “, Sky Trailer.”  The latest trailer features the first look of Tyler Hoechlin’s take on Superman in action. Supergirl will premiere on the CW on  Monday, October 10 at 8/7c.  

Star Wars The Phantom Menace Prequel Comic Storyline Announced – The Origins of Yoda

For many years, fans of Star Wars have wondered about the origins of Jedi Master Yoda. Many have known him as one of the strongest Jedi to ever live, however not much was known about his origins and the events that led him to become what he was.   Thanks to a new storyline that will debut in issue 26 of the ongoing Star Wars comics by Marvel his origins will soon be revealed. An interview with Jason Aaaron has recently been posted to the official Star Wars website. Jason Aaaron is the current writer for several of new Star Wars comics, butRead More

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 7: Favorite Film (Showa) and Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) Review

30 Days of Godzilla: Day 7: Favorite Film (Showa): Again besides the Original, the ones that always stood out for me were Mothra vs. Godzilla, Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster, Invasion of Astro-Monster, Destroy All Monsters, Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla and Terror of MechaGodzilla. I think they offer a lot of variety and awesome fun the franchise and a lot of re-watch value personally (Though I think all the Showa films provide that, those just stood out to me more.). 30 Days of Godzilla- Review: Gojira, Ebira, Mosura Nankai no Daikettou akaRead More

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 6: Favorite Villain Human/Alien and Invasion of Astro-Monster (1965) Review

30 Days of Godzilla: Day 6: Favorite Villain Human/Alien: So I know the “human” stuff is not really talked about with Godzilla films but they do have some really good human/alien villains that do stand out. Ones that immediately come to mind are the Kumayama and Torahata from Mothra vs. Godzilla who had an interesting dynamic going on. Their greed consuming each other and Kumayama sadly at Torahata’s mercy because he put so much money into his plan. It’s no wonder he reacted the way he did. There’s also Malmess the assassinRead More

Cyborg 009 Call of Justice Trailer Streamed

Recently the official website for Cyborg 009 Call of Justice has updated with a trailer for the film.   The trailer features the series’ theme song titled “, A.I. am Human,” performed by Monky Majik. The film will be split in three parts and they will all premiere as a special limited theatrical releases.     The film series is apart of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.   The film schedule will go as follows. Part 1 – November 25 Part 2 – December 2 Part 3 – December 9 The cast of the film includes: Keisuke Koumoto – 009/Joe ShimamuraRead More

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 27 Review

This episode got off to a good start immediately with a striking scene of Bunglay drinking wine in a restaurant he’d recently wrecked. From there, he engages in a brief but well done fight with Tusk and Sela before unveiling his grand scheme. This pre-title sequence, while being exposition heavy, did set up a very intriguing premise that makes good use of Bunglay’s specific set of powers. There were also some nice visual moments in this opening, like the wine bottle shattering on the wall, or Tusk and Sela wakingRead More

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 26 Review

It’s rare in Super Sentai that the main characters have connections with people outside of their superheroic lives, but this week introduced us to Daichi, one of Yamato’s old friends from college. Just like the episode revolving around Yamato’s mother, this episode added so much to Zyuoh Eagle’s character by not only examining his relationship with someone close to him, but also helping to fill in an aspect of his backstory. Yamato is quickly becoming my favourite red. He’s happy and optimistic without being exhausting to watch, he’s a mainRead More

30 Days of Godzilla – Day 5: Favorite Godzilla Costume and Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964) Review

30 Days of Godzilla: Day 5: Favorite Godzilla Costume: I’m going to be lame and say I like all of Godzilla’s designs for the most part. Both Godzilla and the other Kaiju in the franchise. But if we’re specifically talking just Godzilla suits, I can’t really choose because I think each one has a unique charm and look to them and they all fit for what kind of Godzilla film you’re going to be getting. From ShodaiGoji (Original) to MegaroGoji (Godzilla vs. Megalon-Terror of MechaGodzilla) in the Showa era. FromRead More

Digimon Universe : Appli Monsters – New Cast Members Revealed

Withthewill has recently reported that new cast members have recently been announced for Digimon Universe : Appli Monsters. Today some of the secondary Appmon’s voice actors have been revealed. They include: Messemon – Mitsuo Iwata Cameramon – Kousuke Okano Shun Horie – Navimon Pretty short cast list this time around, however more cast members and more information regarding the series should be revealed as we head towards the October 1 air date for the first episode of the series.  

Funimation: November 2016 Home Video Releases

Earlier this week, Funimation released their November home release list & it has some very nice titles for those who haven’t seen any of these animes yet or want to revisit them. Ergo Proxy   Complete Series– Blu-ray     Click here to preorder the Blu-ray version!   Click here to preorder the Anime Classics DVD-only version!     First time to release on Blu-ray since DVD release in 2006   From the studio behind Samurai Champloo, Michiko & Hatchin, Deadman Wonderland, and GANGSTA. – Manglobe.     Series Synopsis:  Something isRead More