Thursday, August 11th, 2016


Hollywood Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Writer Announced

The Hollywood Reporter has recently reported that the writer for the American live-action adaptation of the Japanese anime series, Tiger & Bunny, has been announced.  It has been confirmed that  Ellen Shanman will be writing for the project.  The movie is being produced by the joint team of Imagine Entertainment, All Nippon Entertainment Works (ANEW), and Bandai Namco Pictures.  The main producers are Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Sandy Climan, and Masayuki Ozaki.   The project will be overseen by the president of Imagine Entertainment, Erica Higgins. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ellen Shanman is known for being the author of the novelRead More

Pokemon Sun & Moon : New Pokemon and Villain Team Revealed

The official Pokemon Youtube channel has recently updated with a new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  The newest trailer reveals brand new Pokemon and the first full look for the villain team in the new game.  The new villain team will be called Team Skull and surprisingly they use other balls than just Pokeballs to house their Pokemon.    The two main heads will be run by Skull Admin Plumeria and their leader, Guzma.  The new Pokemon include: Wishiwashi (Solo Form) : Water Ability : Schooling Wishiwashi (School Form)  [Acheived when reaching a certain level] Pyumuku : Water Ability:Read More