Thursday, August 4th, 2016


FUNImation Announced Dub cast for D.Gray-man HALLOW Simulcast

Over the weekend FUNImation announced they will be dubbing the sequel anime to D.Gray-Man, D.Gray-man Hallow. The original series was released almost 8 years & Hallow picks up where the original anime left off. FUNImation believes this is a great pick up since they have the-the lines for the arousal series & they would be right. Below are the actors and the characters they will be voicing. ACTOR & CHARACTER Todd Haberkorn as Allen Walker Ian Sinclair as Yu Kanda Luci Christian as Lenalee Lee Christopher R. Sabat as Cross Marian JasonRead More

Transformers 5 : The Last Knight – Hot Rod Revealed

The official Transformers Facebook page has recently been updated with the first look and reveal of Hot Rod in Transformers 5 : The Last Knight.  While his appearance is quite different than the design most fans are used to it will be interesting to see how the character plays out in the film.  Transformers 5 : The Last Knight will premiere in theaters on June 23, 2017.