July, 2016


SDCC 2016 – Transformers Generations Titan Returns Reveals

TFW2005 has recently posted the official images for the Transformers Generations Titan Returns reveals. The new reveals include: Titan Masters Titan Master Sawback   Titan Master Overboard  Legends Class Legends Class Bumblebee Legends Class Sharkticon Gnaw Deluxe Class Deluxe Class Brainstorm (Single Carded) Voyager Class Voyager Class Megatron with Doomshot  

SDCC 2016 – Official Liokaiser Images

Official images of Liokaiser have surfaced on the net.  The first full look of the combiner was shown in the display at the convention, however the official images have recently been released. The team is composed of: Dezarus Guyhawk Fellbat Ironbison Drillhorn Ion Scythe The set will be released later this year, however no other details are confirmed at this time.  Stay tuned for updates. Source: TFW2005

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 19 Review

The episode starts with the enemy retreating, just like every other Super Sentai cliffhanger resolution in history. In all seriousness, I did enjoy this episode. As predictable as it was when TheWorld eventually turned good, I did like the initial build up and the conflict in the team as to whether or not he could be turned. It made sense that it was Yamato who saw some good left in Vader given that both of them are in some way human/zyuman hybrids. Meanwhile, the other four Zyuohgers are completely zyuman and they knowRead More

Prelude to Combiner Wars : Windblade

Machinima has recently updated their Youtube channel with the next installment in the Prelude to Combiner Wars miniseries.  This episode features a look at Windblade as she looks upon the destruction of her home world, Caminus.  Transformers Combiner Wars will premiere on the Go90 network on August 2.  

Official Images: Soul of Chogokin GX-71 Beast King GoLion

Tamashii Nations let the cat of the bag early with this release, as more information and official product images for Soul of Chogokin Beast King GoLion or Voltron: Defender of the Universe have surfaced online before SDCC. The images show the individual lions, and its accessory count which is utterly amazing. The accessories are the weapons for the individual lions such as attachable cannons, and their specific mouth daggers along with GoLion’s (Voltron) signature weapons as well as an additional face plate and display stand. Now as for its release,Read More

Toho Streams Godzilla Resurgence Trailer 2

Today, Toho released the second trailer for Shin Gojira (Godzilla Resurgence)! The new trailers more destruction caused by Godzilla, the battle with JDSF, and the appearance of the original rumored purple thermonuclear blast. Godzilla Resurgence hits theaters in Japan on July 29! The film is directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. It stars Hiroki Hasegawa, Yutaka Takenouchi, and Satomi Ishihara… Now, the wait is on for its American release whether it be in theaters or directly onto home video.

Takara Tomy – Original Beyblades to Release in Beyblade Burst Toyline

Takara Tomy has recently announced that they will be releasing new versions of some of the original Beyblades in the Beyblade Burst toyline. So far they confirmed that Dranzer, Driger, and Draciel will be released in the Beyblade Burst toyline. “Driger S.H.F.” will be first of the three to be released in October. “Dranzer S.S.T.” will be released in November and “Draciel S.C.P.” will be released in December. Each Beyblade will include a layer, a disc, a driver, a sticker, along with an instruction manual. They will retail for 900Read More

Digimon Adventure Tri Full Dub Cast “Almost” Revealed

Recently several more cast member for the Digimon Adventure Tri dub cast have been revealed. The confirmed cast members now include: Agumon- Tom Fahn Greymon- Kyle Hebert Matt- Vic Mignogna Gabumon and Garurumon- Kirk Thornton Sora- Colleen O’Shaughnessey Birdramon- Melodee Spevack Izzy- Mona Marshall Tentomon and Kabuterimon- Jeff Nimoy Joe- Robbie Daymond Gomamon- R. Martin Klein Mimi- Philece Sampler Palmon- Anna Garduno Togemon- Mari Devon TK- Johnny Yong Bosch Patamon- Laura Summer Angemon- Dave Mallow Kari- Tara Sands Gatomon- Kate Higgins Meiko- Cristina Vee Meicoomon- Kate Higgins With these new reveals theRead More

Pokemon Sun & Moon – More New Pokemon Revealed

The official Pokemon Youtube channel has recently updated with the latest trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  The new Pokemon include: Wimpod – Bug / Water Ability – Wimp Out Bounsweet – Grass Ability – Leaf Guard / Oblivious Comfey  – Fairy Ability – Flower Veil / Triage Mudsdale – Ground Ability – Own Tempo / Stamina Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on November 18.  

Transformers : Robots in Disguise 2016 – Ian James Corlett Joins Cast

It was recently announced at TFCon 2016 during the Beast Wars Panel that Ian James Corlett will be joining the cast of Transformers : Robots in Disguise. Fans who have been following Transformers for a while will best know him as Cheetor from Beast Wars.  It is currently unknown what role he will play, but it is awesome to see a long time veteran return to voice a character in the newest cartoon series. Source: TFW2005

Star Wars The Black Series 6 Inch Fan Poll Final Voting Begins

The official Star Wars website has recently updated with the final fan poll vote on the next 6 Inch Black Series figure. The final six choices are: Galen Marek (Starkiller) Jaina Solo Captain Rex Dengar Mara Jade Darth Talon  The fan poll will be open until July 22 during Hasbro’s San Diego Comic Star Wars Panel at 12.p.m PT. The winner will be unveiled during the panel. Those who are interested check out the link below and vote for your favorite character.  

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Toy Catalog Scans

The other day an image of the Kamen Rider Hero Series Vinyl for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid surfaced online, and some people were skeptical as to if it was an actual product. However, as of earlier this morning it was confirmed to be the item/Rider. Shortly afterwards the toy catalog was leaked onto the web showing that aside from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Kamen Rider Brave, and Kamen Rider Snipe there will be two more Riders early on; Racer and Genmu. First off starting with the Riders, the toy catalog confirms all ofRead More

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Revealed – Video Game Based Riders

Today, marked the reveal for the next Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid which is set to air this fall on October 2, 2016. The new Rider’s series and motif is entirely based on video games. The poster for the series indicates that there will be multiple Riders in the show, as well as the Riders’ forms are labeled with Levels. The small SD Rider at the upper left corner is what will be known as the Lv. 1 for all the Riders. Now, for our main Rider his official name/form isRead More

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 – Black Series Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) Revealed

The first look at the upcoming Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) was recently revealed at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. She will be released in the Rogue One : Star Wars Story toy line that will be release later this Fall.

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016 – Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Celebration Reel Streamed

Recently some behind the scenes footage of Rogue One : A Star Wars Story was shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016.  The scenes show a ton of footage in the making of the film including a first look at several of the battle scenes in the film.   Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will premiere in theaters on December 16, 2016.