July, 2016


Power Morphicon July Guest List 3

Just hours ago PMC released another set of the guest list. The list includes: Tracy Lynn Cruz, Sasha Craig, Anna Hutchison, Eka Darville, Alan Palmer, and James Bates.

CW Seed – Vixen Season 2 Promo Streamed

The first promo video for the upcoming season of Vixen has recently been posted on the official  CW Seed Facebook page.  The second season will premiere exclusively on CW Seed  website later this Fall.  

SDCC Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2

Marvel at SDCC released the 2nd trailer for their upcoming movie, Doctor Strange. The trailer uses the same narration from the previous one but adds new footage, including Strange’s infamous accident.

SDCC CWs Arrow Season 5 Trailer

At this year’s SDCC, The CW released the 1st trailer for the 5th season of Arrow. The trailer shows us where the series picks up at the end of season 4 as well as we meet what looks to be the new Team Arrow in training. Who are the new villains Ollie will be going after… One question tho, how will FlashPoint effect Arrow? https://youtu.be/LxG7JR4-nCM

SDCC CWs The Flash Season 3 Trailer

Fans at SDCC were in for a treat when the CW released the 1st trailer for the 3rd season of The Flash. The trailer focuses on the changes to Central City & Barry’s life when he changed the timeline for what he believed was “for the best”. https://youtu.be/5LGQRbPERaU

SDCC: Justice League Trailer

During this year’s SDCC, DC & Warner Bros released the 1st official trailer for their coming Live Action adaption of The Justice League. The trailer shows were Bruce & Diana left off during Batman vs Superman in looking for the other heroes to help stop the menace Bruce believes will be a threat to earth. The trailer looks good & not as dark as Batman vs Superman was and to be honest, I think that helps this movie more than hurts it. The lighter tone goes well with the one-linersRead More


Today, at San Diego Comic Con the first poster for Power Rangers Ninja Steel, which is set to premiere on Nickelodeon in 2017. Also confirmed for the series is that Judd Lynn will continue as the series executive producer. Official Description: Saban’s Power Rangers Ninja Steel starts deep in space, where Zircon is the reigning champion of the most popular intergalactic game show in the universe, and monsters battle to prove who is the mightiest warrior. Zircon is determined to become invincible by controlling the mythical Spirit Crystal, which containsRead More


What’s up everyone? Happy Saturday, I’m going to keep this one short. We have a trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.Warner Bros has uploaded the comic con trailer to their YouTube channel. I suppose it’s them beating those who would usually leak footage.  Anyway, check out the trailer and let us know what you think. Be sure to share for a friend. I’m XBen3000 and I’m out!

Marvel’s Iron Fist – SDCC – First Look

During this year’s SDCC, Marvel released a 1st look trailer for one of their next project, Marvel’s Iron Fist. Danny Rand fights relentlessly to regain everything he’s lost in Marvel’s Iron Fist, coming soon to Netflix.

Marvel’s The Defenders – SDCC Teaser

During this year’s SDCC, Marvel released a 1st teaser trailer for one of their next project, Marvel’s The Defenders Marvel’s The Defenders will unite Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, as they face their biggest threat yet.

Marvel’s Luke Cage Trailer Released

Thank you SDCC, during Marvel’s panel, they released the official trailer for their next upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage. Now we all knew the release date but we never got anything else until not… until today.

The Ghost Rider Come to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

The next season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks to be demonic. On their facebook today, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. released a new trailer that includes a face that we might all know, The Ghost Rider. During the panel at SDCC Marvel confirmed that this will be the street racer Robbie Reyes & will be played by Gabriel Luna. For those who know about this Ghost Rider, Robbie thought he was the next to be chosen by the Spirit of Vengeance but in actually he was granted these powers by his Uncle whoRead More

SDCC 2016 : Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch Reveals

The official San Diego Comic Con 2016 reveals for the upcoming Star Wars Black Series 6 Inch figures have been posted on the official Star Wars twitter page. The new reveals include several fan favorites and the winner of the Black Series 6 Inch fan poll. Hera Syndulla (Star Wars Rebels) Tusken Raiders (A New Hope) Qui-Gon Jinn (The Phantom Menace) Emperor’s Royal Guard (Crimson Empire) Lando Calrissian (The Empire Strikes Back) The winner of the 6 Inch Black Series fan poll was Jaina Solo, based on the daughter of Han Solo in the expanded universe. Hasbro also revealed that Luke’sRead More

Justice League Action Trailer!

Yesterday the newest DC animation series Justice League Action trailer was released, the trailer features may heroes & villains including Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Lex Luter, Lobo & Brainiac just to name a few. If the trailer gives us any clue on what type of show this will be, it’s gonna be how the title states & have ALOT of action.

Official Power Morphicon July Guest List 2 Plus Extras

Earlier this week The Official Power Morphicon site released their 2nd July guest list as follows, Royce Herron, Ron Rogge, Greg Aronowitz, Christopher Cho, Michael Forest, and Michi Yamato Yesterday they added more guest that include the starts of Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge:  Brennan Mejia, James Davies, Yoshi Sudarso, Michael Taber, Camille Hyde, Davi Santos, and Claire Blackwelder.