Thursday, July 21st, 2016


SDCC 2016 – Transformers Generations Titan Returns Reveals

TFW2005 has recently posted the official images for the Transformers Generations Titan Returns reveals. The new reveals include: Titan Masters Titan Master Sawback   Titan Master Overboard  Legends Class Legends Class Bumblebee Legends Class Sharkticon Gnaw Deluxe Class Deluxe Class Brainstorm (Single Carded) Voyager Class Voyager Class Megatron with Doomshot  

SDCC 2016 – Official Liokaiser Images

Official images of Liokaiser have surfaced on the net.  The first full look of the combiner was shown in the display at the convention, however the official images have recently been released. The team is composed of: Dezarus Guyhawk Fellbat Ironbison Drillhorn Ion Scythe The set will be released later this year, however no other details are confirmed at this time.  Stay tuned for updates. Source: TFW2005