Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


Pokemon Go is A GO

Nintendo tonight officially released the Android & Apple app for their AR mobile game Pokemon Go. The game has been in Beta for a lucky few who were able to get in. To fully enjoy the game you can purchase the Pokémon Go Plus that allows the user to know if there are other trainers, Pokemon or gyms within 100ft. There are some clever elements to Pokémon Go. To find water-based Pokémon, for example, you’ll need to head towards rivers or lakes. Pokémon Gyms are largely found in public parks or churches, while PokéStops, placesRead More

Monster Hunter Generations x The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Trailer Streamed

The official trailer for Monster Hunter Generations DLC for The Legend of Zelda : Wind Waker has recently been uploaded to Youtube.  This free DLC will unlock the Toon Link costume for your Palico.  Monster Hunter Generations will be released on the Nintendo 3DS on July 15, 2016.    

Netlfix & CW’s New Agreement – Instant Streaming 8 Days After the Finale

Earlier today, Netflix uploaded a press release concerning their newest agreement with the CW Network. This business venture extends the parties’ agreement to continue feature programming on Netflix through a multi-year contract, as well as permits Netflix to upload the entire series onto its streaming services within a week after its premiere. That means we, the fans of all CW’s DC related shows and other programs can be re-watched as soon as freaking possible, and that hype can live on soon than we expected. Below is the entire press release,Read More

Power Rangers Dino Charge Legacy Ranger Dino Charger Packs Revealed

Raz has revealed on twitter that Bandai America will be releasing Dino Charger sets based on the past rangers.  For those who followed the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger toyline Bandai Japan also released previous sentai seasons as Zyudenchi as well. The Dino Charger set lineup goes as follows. Dino Thunder + RPM   Mighty Morphin + Megaforce    Ninja Storm + Dino Charge   Zeo + Operation Overdrive    Mystic Force + Jungle Fury   Turbo + Samurai   Lost Galaxy  + SPD   Time Force + Wild Force   In Space + Light Speed Rescue   Alien RangersRead More

Takara Legends Chromedome, Highbrow, and Mindwipe Images Revealed

Thanks to the Planet Iacon Facebook page new images for the Transformers Takara Legends figures have surfaced on the net. Similar to some of the other Takara Legends Titan Returns figures, these will include the extra repainted Titanmaster vehicles. LG32 Chromedome  LG33 Highbrow LG34 Mindwipe Preorders for the items are currently available at several online retailers such as BBTS and TFSource.   

Prelude to Transformers: Combiner Wars Part Two – Victorion

Machinima has unveiled the second part of the prelude for Transformers : Combiner Wars.  This part features the fan built combiner Victorion.   Transformers : Combiner Wars will premiere on the Go90 network on August 2, 2016.   

Kamen Rider Amazons Season 1 Review

Hey, I am actually talking about current Toku and in its entirety! Only because this was like thirteen episodes long and I had a blast with it (not the way you are expecting though). I will say a quick way to say my opinions on this show is how I describe Shadow the Hedgehog, EDGE LORD! Now I am fine with edgy shows or premises here. Recently I just finished Zero Time Dilemma and that game is full of death, betrayal, misery, and chaos. Amazons clearly has all of thoseRead More