Wednesday, May 18th, 2016


S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron & Kamen Rider Drive Type Zero Teasers Revealed

Just ahead of the upcoming Tamashii Features 2016 event,  Bandai Tamashii has recently posted teasers for S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron and S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Type Zero.  S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Drive Type Tridoron was seen at several previous toy shows in the past, however the new teaser is most likely an indication that his release date will be revealed soon.  Kamen Rider Drive Type Zero made his debut in the  “Ghost & Drive: Super Movie War Genesis”  film that premiered last December.  No other details are confirmed at this time so stay tuned for updatesRead More

Official Images: S.H.Figuarts 45th Anniversary Kamen Rider Ichigo

Bandai Tamashii has recently updated with official images for S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ichigo (45th Anniversary) based on his new suit appearance in the “Kamen Rider 1″ film.   The figure will be released in October, however pricing details have not been confirmed at this time.  Stay tuned for updates of Tamashii Features 2016 that will be held this weekend in Japan.  

S.H.Figuarts Super Vegeta Revealed

Bandai Tamashii has recently updated their official S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z page with the latest release in the S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z line.  Super Vegeta will be getting the S.H.Figuarts treatment.  He will be priced at 5616 Yen and will be a retail release in October. 

Herotaku Archives: Interview – Michi Yamato of Fujiyama Ichiban Part II

Hello Herotaku, today is the continuation of our interview with Michi Yamato. For those who have yet to read, or have missed Part One; Mr. Yamato is a stunt actor from Japan who moved to America. Since immigrating to America, Mr. Yamato has worked for Saban Entertainment during the 90s, as well as started his own stunt team, Samurai Action Team which currently produces the indie-American Tokusatsu, Fujiyama Ichiban. As stated previously, this interview has been split into segments with the original recording listed on Herotaku’s Official YouTube Channel at aRead More

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger – Episode 11 Review

Immediately, this episode was a huge let down. There were two things I wanted to see after the end of last episode: Yamato talking to the eagle zyuman and G.I.F.T. continuing to destroy the Earth. Not only did Yamato instantly pass out before getting to say a word, but G.I.F.T. powered down out of nowhere and had to recharge. This was such a monumental anti-climax. And yes, I understand that they obviously weren’t going to destroy the Earth in an episode of Super Sentai, but if they knew they weren’tRead More