Thursday, February 11th, 2016


Star Wars Episode VII: Takadona Encounter Multipack Revealed

Entertainment Weekly has recently revealed a new upcoming box set that will be released in the Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens 3.75″ toyline.  The set is going to be called the Takadona Encounter and will include Finn, BB-8, Rey, along with a brand new Maz Kanata figure.  The Takadona Encounter set will also include Maz Kanata’s chest (with a molded unlit saber inside) and Rey’s Lightsaber. The set will retail for $19.99 and will be released sometime this Spring.     Expect more Star Wars toy news this weekend during New York Toy Fair 2016.     Source: EW

Digimon Adventure tri. Chatper 2 Film’s New Promo Video Streamed

Yesterday, Toei released the a new trailer for the 2nd Chapter for the Digimon Adventure Tri Series, Determination. The Chapter will be released in Mark for a 3 week run before heading to DVD/Bluray.

Funimation Announces Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Dub & Voice Cast

Yesterday Funimation announced that they wold be dubbing Ao Jūmonji’s fantasy light novel turned anime, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Hai to Gensou no Grimgar). The story of Grimgar is about Haruhitowhow when he awakens, he’s in the dark. He doesn’t know where he is, why is he here, and where he came from. Around him, there are several men and women who have the same circumstances. Haruhito and his companions find themselves in a “game-like world” called Grimgar and must form a party, cooperate, and learn new skills to surviveRead More

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Official Final Trailer

The final trailer for the upcoming Superhero movie, Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice has been released today. From the looks of it, we get some fresh new scenes with Batman in action. The trailer looks to be a direct views point from Bruce/Batman with rehashed footage we’ve seen before as well as some Lex Luthor.

KamenSentai’s Hurricane Polymar Review

Well it has been a long time since I have reviewed something that was not Toku related in general, but I did say I am going to do more posts like these to help my writing in general. For this review I actually got back into anime which is a shocker for me since it has been rather hard to get into it for myself. My problem was I kept looking for what was new and did not look back. Then I remember the video game, Tatsunoko VS Capcom andRead More

Endride Anime Releases Voice Cast & Charactor Designs

Keiji Gotoh’s fantasy series Endride is heading to anime form this April & they’ve released their main casts which include Kensho Ono, Toshiki Masuda & Karen Miyama. The series is about Shun Asanage who is junior high school student who is transported to a “Hollowed Earth” known as Endra. Aiding Shun in the new world is Emilio who is a prince who was disgraced  & on a vengeance mission. Kenshō Ono as Shun Asanaga. Toshiki Masuda as Emilio. Karen Miyama as Alicia. Ayaka Ohashi as Fuarion. Hiroki Takahashi as Demetrio.Read More